Why Fire Relaxes Us

You probably can stare at a crackling fire for ages, especially when it’s wet — it is surprisingly relaxing – even though for no obvious reasons.

How To Pick A Divorce Lawyer

Question one — do you need a divorce attorney at all? There are some do-it-yourself options — you can buy the legal forms online, fill everything and even submit it online. Is this a right choice for you?

Ten Biggest Divorce Mistakes

As a divorce attorney, I’ve developed a list of the biggest legal and emotional mistakes people make during divorce. Being a lawyer, I cannot claim that this list is absolutely objective, especially when it comes to entries such as “Hiring wrong lawyer” or “Using divorce lawyer as a therapist”.

How To Argue Right

If you are anything like me — you’re in big trouble. For years I’ve been doing it all wrong, without even realizing how wrong it was. I hope the lessons I’ve learned would help you too.

Buying Traffic: Pros & Cons

To continue the topic we’ve started in Are Terms and Conditions Legally Binding and Free Hosting Options in 2017, let’s discuss the subject of buying web traffic.

Free Hosting Options in 2017

I hate to start with a rather bold prediction — but the old-style ad-supported web hosting will be dead in 1-2 years.

How To Really Overcome Shyness

Some of those who are making an effort to help out shy people just don’t get it. Their advice sucks so enormously it’d be actually better for everyone if they were shy enough to keep it to themselves — instead of making those mind-bogglingly long list of vague and blurry new age tips.

Proofreading Tools For Writers

It’s almost the future. Technically, a proper future must have both flying cars and dim robots, so we’re half-way through there.

Are Terms and Conditions Legally Binding

You might have come across some rather reckless blog posts about Terms and Conditions becoming legally obsolete.

How To Use Dashes Properly

Dashes are a very confusing subject, even among the people that should know them professionally and by heart.